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About our organization

Bressler's provides business language training for professionals in various fields: the computer branch, telecommunications, banking and accountancy, petro-chemicals, advertising, law, consultancy, the food, beverage and cosmetic industry.

Bressler's objective in training is to provide the busy learner with the skills s/he needs to communicate accurately and confidently in a foreign language. Our experience and strength lies in the flexibility and adaptability of our courses and the excellence of our trained instructors, all of whom are native speakers.

Bressler's feels a thorough Intake assessment of the learner's language ability and professional linguistic needs is essential. This, in combination with a carefully defined language target, provides the basis for our recommendations as to the duration, frequency of training sessions and content of your course. This approach ensures the effectiveness of your course: never too long, never too short; always geared to your specific needs, ability and learning style.

Your choice of approach is intensive (daily sessions, six hours per day), or extensive (one or more two to three hour sessions per week).
Sessions take place in the morning, afternoon and/or evening, during the week or in the weekend.

Bressler's Languages for Business & Law

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