Bressler's - language courses

What you will learn at Bressler's

  • the words and expressions you need to operate efficiently.
  • the correct formula for tasks you need to perform.
  • the language you feel at home with and the confidence of knowing you have the right words at your fingertips.
  • strategic grammar points. We will not be teaching you the whole of grammar - just what you need.

To fix it in your memory

  • you will have the chance to experiment.
  • there will be lively situations and activities, so you can see what works and what does not.
  • there will be simulations and role-plays - preparing you for the job.
  • you will work through exercises to polish your performance and fix it in your memory.

To put your skills to work

  • you will be given concrete tasks to do - a chance to take part in a real activity and see for yourself how well you perform:

To assess performance

  • every activity and task is monitored and evaluated by you and your trainer. We make notes on your activities or record them on video or audio cassette and consider these questions:
    • how well did you perform?
    • what areas should you work on?
    • what could you do to improve?
    • how can you prepare for the next task?

This continual feedback and guidance from your trainer is a vital part of the learning process on the course and ensures you make good progress.

Private study

  • We give you the guidance you need to make optimal use of the training materials and your time.

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